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Posted on: January 6, 2016

What we do

What we do

Intrepid is a midlands based arts company.

Intrepid combines participatory arts practice with public performance of the highest quality. They create varied and surprising arts experiences for children and adults alike.  

Our interest and expertise lies in investigating new models of participatory practice between children and artists. Children and young people play an integral part in each creative process, enabling the company to create performance performance which has at its core the authentic voice of the child.

Intrepid’s productions often deal with powerful subject matters in a playful, inventive and quite magical ways – retaining a strong sense of fun whilst never patronising the young viewer.

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“Being involved with Intrepid has been so much fun. It’s so different from anything we are taught about Drama at school. I’ve learned what goes into being a performer – but also about what it takes to work together as a theatre company.” Participant, Aged 13, 2013

“Working with Intrepid, we feel like the show is really ours. Our own stories and opinions have gone into making the show what it is.” Participant, Aged 17, 2013

“This week was really challenging but also really fun. The best part was definitely the devising – to see all of our ideas come together at the end was really great.” Participant, Aged 21, 2014

“The show was fantastic!” Audience member, Aged 9, 2016