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TOP 6 theatre shows about Mental Health you cannot miss #Edfringe2016

Mental health is in the spotlight at this years Edinburgh Festival Fringe. It seems like the pages of the Fringe Guide are bursting with exciting, innovative productions which tackle this difficult and complex subject. 

With just over two weeks to go until it all begins, we thought we’d make a wee rundown of the Top 6 shows about #Mentalhealth we are looking forward to at this years festival.

(N.B. Always check with the venue about the suitability of each show before booking tickets, as some may not be suitable for young audiences.)

1. Jellyfish
by Intrepid Ensemble

(It would be impossible to do this listicle without plugging our own production.)

When Tom and his parents move house, they find they’re sharing their home with a stranger: a gigantic glowing jellyfish. Can they learn to live with the animal in their attic? Original music, puppetry and visual storytelling blend to tell an adventurous story of the sea, parenthood and mental health. For children, young people and adults with big imaginations.

Venue: Pleasance Courtyard, Below
Tickets: £6-£9
Dates: 3rd August – 29th August (except 15th)
Time: 11:45am 

2. Delay Detach

‘I was looking in the mirror and thinking, who the hell is that?’

Caitlin and Sophie have always been best friends, so Sophie has always looked after Caitlin. Over seventy years, confronting her guilt and the effect of her borderline personality disorder, Caitlin attempts to prove she is the better friend. From childhood to old age, DELAY DETACH charts the impact of mental illness on a friendship by telling a story of arguments, playdates, conversations, and sweets.

Venue: Olive Studio – Greenside @ Infirmary Street
Time: 7:40pm
Dates: 5th – 20th August (Except 14th)

3. A Billion Days of Parenthood

Honest, unflinching and delightfully dark: this award-winning American comedian tackles everything from prenatal pandas to postnatal depression in a universal tale about surviving the never-ending. Parent or not, this show is for you.

Venue: Just the Tonic at The Caves
Dates: 4-28 Aug (Not 15th)
Time: 21:20

4. The Magnetic Diaries

Emma Bailey is a modern day Madame Bovary, battling with a stifling middle-class lifestyle, thwarted dreams and untreatable depression. In desperation, she leaves her family behind to embark on a course of brain-altering therapy, documenting her journey through raw, beautiful poetry. Based on Sarah James’ poetry collection – Highly Commended, Forward Prizes 2015 – the narrative springs to life through subtle physicality where every environment is evoked, from train carriage to art gallery, kitchen sink to sterile clinic. Introspection and the powerful rhythms of poetry reveal that beauty and tenderness can exist even in pain.

Venue: ZOO 
Tickets: £8-£9
Dates: Aug 15-20, 22-27 
Time: 13:00 

5. Three Jumpers

‘You do seem pretty flippant about dying.’ ‘Probably why I’ll live longer.’ Three men, one bridge, a matter of life or death and a strong array of knitwear. Three Jumpers is a dark comedy about three strangers who want to throw themselves off a newly constructed bridge but without realizing it they share one very important connection. A new play focusing on a conversation that is often silenced when it should be voiced, it’ll make you laugh, cry and meet some funny, magical and mysterious characters. After all, life’s a bridge and then you die! 

Venue: Forrest Theatre, Infirmary Street, Venue 236
Tickets: Mon-Sat £5-£7
Dates: 15-28 Aug 2015 (not 29th)                
Time: 12:40 

6. Scary Shit

Based on real life experiences, Scary Shit is all about friendship, being a woman and allowing yourself to ask for help.

Scary Shit is a humorous, tender, imaginative treatment of fears, phobias and (female) friendship. Fringe first timer Rhiannon Faith and partner in grime Maddy Morgan’s journey from Scary Shit to recovery and healing is wittily and poignantly told via a series of vignettes using dance, mime, poetry, theatre and comedy.

Venue: Pleasance Courtyard, Bunker 2 
Tickets: £6-£9
Dates:  3-29 Aug (not 10, 15, 22)
Time: 13:40