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Mini INTERVIEW: Jack Dorning

I now welcome an early night and a nice hot cup of tea!

To celebrate Jellyfish premiering at Mini VAULT Festival next Sunday, we are conducting a series of Mini INTERVIEWS with each cast member to hear their views about the production.

Jack Dorning graduated from the European Theatre Arts course at Rose Bruford College of Theatre and Performance in 2014, since then he has worked mainly in front of the camera in both short films and television commercials, he has also continued training himself in circus skills and acrobatics. Jack is very excited to perform and devise as part of such a talented ensemble for Jellyfish.

Who are you playing in Jellyfish?

I am playing the character of Tom. Tom is a very energetic and imaginative 7 year old, he’s able to find fun and make a game out of any situation. Tom uses almost every opportunity to learn and experience something new as you will see when Tom celebrates his birthday during the show, using his age to his advantage to learn all he can about the fascinating lighthouse. Tom is very close to his parents and loves being silly with his Dad when his Mum isn’t looking! 

What interested you about the project & made you want to be involved?

I was really excited to be involved with Jellyfish as I was interested to explore such a poignant subject from a child’s point of view. With mental health becoming much less of a taboo subject in society and being taken as seriously as it should be, I feel a project like Jellyfish is extremely important in helping children understand a fairly complex subject through the medium of performance.

What was the biggest surprise for you over the devising period?

My biggest surprise was that I have become an old man – the energy needed to be a 7 year old completely exhausted me! Gone are the days of playing football in the rain all day. I now welcome an early night and a nice hot cup of tea!


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