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Mini INTERVIEW: Finn Anderson

It is a story that needs to be told

To celebrate Jellyfish premiering at Mini VAULT Festival next Sunday, we are conducting a series of Mini INTERVIEWS with the creative team to hear their views about the production.

Whats your role in the Jellyfish project?

I am creating the music and soundscape for Jellyfish. This has involved composing lots of original music to underscore the story, as well as creating sound effects and writing a Jellyfish “lullaby” song. I have been in the rehearsal room throughout the process, creating music on the fly as ideas have been being built by the company.

What interested you about the project & made you want to be involved?

Although I have done a lot of work with young people, this is the first production I have been involved in making for young audiences. I admire Intrepid’s work as facilitators and was keen to see inside their rehearsal room. The musical potential for a story about a magical jellyfish really excited me as a composer. The challenge of telling a story about mental illness for young people is one that I was drawn to as I feel it is a story that needs to be told – particularly to those at a young age who may be dealing with mental illness without really understanding what is it they are witnessing or experiencing.

What was the biggest surprise for you over the devising period?

How much fun we had. The subject matter could have made it quite a heavy process. But by placing the jellyfish at the centre of the story and rehearsal room we have managed to create something very playful and entertaining – whilst also not shying away from the more difficult and darker aspects of the story.

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