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Posted on: October 30, 2019

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FROM THE ARCHIVES: How to help young companies take risks and be bold?


It’s that time of year when companies pick their places in next Summer’s theatre festivals. With this mind, we are sharing this insightful podcasts from our archives. Take a listen, and let us know if you find it helpful.

In the first episode of our podcast series Young Audiences: Who Cares? we spoke to the new festival director, Andy Currums. He tells us about how the International Youth Arts Festival is encouraging the development of emerging companies, and equipping young people with important life skills. 

The first step as a young company

Taking your very first steps in the industry can be an altogether terrifying experience. For the last eight years, the International Youth Arts Festival (or IYAF) has provided a relatively risk free environment for young people and emerging companies to make theatre.

“The thing I regret about my first year out of Uni is that I was a bit shy creatively. I didn’t want to take risks, I didn’t want to put ideas out there. I was so worried they were going to be shot down.”

Andy says that IYAF is a place where emerging performers can explore “unbridled creativity.”

“They aren’t worried yet about business decisions. They aren’t worried about how to market it to an audience. They’ve just got something they’ve got to say, and they’ve got to get it out there.”

What does success look like for Andy?
Since the festivals launch, more than 25,000 young people have participated in the festival. Andy states that the life skills they take into their future careers is an important mark of success for the festival. 

“Much like a young football team, the people taking part might not actually go on to be a director or performer… But the skills you learn there – working in a team, working on your own, coming up with ideas, being able to criticize yourself and other people’s work constructively – are so so key.”

Andy’s message is clear: the International Youth Arts Festival is a place to take risks and be bold. Listen to the full audio of the podcast below.

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