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Posted on: November 6, 2019

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Facilitating with Children and Young People: Ways of Working.


This post is a taster for our free resource Facilitation: Using Drama with Children and Young People. Let us know how you get on with these techniques.

What are Ways of Working?

Ways of Working are a set of agreed rules between a workshop leader and participants. They are a handy way of setting expectations and giving structure to your workshop.

How to use Ways of Working?

Setting up these rules at the beginning of the session, and sticking to them right to the end, will ensure your workshop is delivered in an efficient way.

In an ideal world, these rules would be agreed in collaboration with the participants. Sometimes this isn’t possible, so we’ve outlined some Ways of Working which we find effective.

We learned these when working with the Old Vic – and haven’t looked back since!

Ways of working

3..2…1 Freeze! – As the standard instruction when you need participants’ attention. Wait until everybody has stopped what they’re doing before giving any further instructions.

When I say ‘Go’ – Always start an exercise by saying ‘Go’ so that participants have a clear signal (For example, ‘When I say go [explain exercise]. Go.’)

Putting hands up – This is allows every participant to have an active voice within workshops.

Waiting for quiet – Make sure everyone is silent when communicating important instructions. Never speak over participants: how many facilitators have ended a week-long residency with no voice left? Be bold and wait for silence.

Timekeeping – Ensure the group have clear timings for each exercise before they begin. Reinforce timings throughout using timing countdowns.

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