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Posted on: April 2, 2015

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Education Secretary says Intrepid Ensemble collaboration is ‘life-changing’

Education Secretary Nicky Morgan has praised the collaboration between Intrepid Ensemble and Silent Secret, which is happening in schools throughout 2015/2016. Following a successful funding bid, she said: “I’m delighted to give this injection of support to the voluntary sector, which offers life-changing services to children and their families. This was a highly competitive process and every bid given money today has shown that they will put the funds to great use.”

The project is a series of workshops which combine drama and technology, with the aim of helping young people to be more resilient to stress and anxiety. The program focuses on positive prevention by building coping skills in children and young people.

Silent Secret is a smartphone app which encourages teenagers to anonymously share their secrets and problems. The workshops will explore the ideas behind the app through the use of movement, play and drama.

Artistic director of Intrepid Ensemble Maff Woodford said, “Technology and drama are both accessible ways of getting young people thinking about mental health, so we developed an innovative method of combining them. Young people will experiment with different ways of being and alternative behaviours – enabling them to deeply reflect on the issues, and develop their thinking around mental health.”