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Posted on: April 8, 2016

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Young Audiences: Who Cares?


Intrepid Ensemble are starting a brand new series of podcasts called Young Audiences: Who Cares? 

This project is inspired by a recent article by Michelle Dickson, Arts Council England’s Director of Touring, called ‘It’s nice to share.’ In the post he argues that theatre-makers should share their knowledge with each other. He says that the more we do this, the richer our artistic output will be, resulting in audience members being more likely to consume theatre in the future. Dickson argues it’s a win / win situation for all.

“Imagine a world where you build on what you know, but you also tap into the rich knowledge of others ploughing a similar field, or those who have been there before you.” 

Young Audiences: Who Cares? is a series of podcasts investigating key issues around creating theatre for young audiences.  

It’s a chance for theatre-makers, funders and producers to share, debate and discuss the challenges of developing TYA – and how they might be overcome. The series will offer essential practical information, with real world case studies on contemporary artists. In each episode, we will be inspired by some of the leading creative practice in this field.

The aim is to start a national and international dialogue about best practice, innovation in the field and the future direction of theatre created for and with young people.

If you are an artist or company who is making quality, boundary-breaking TYA, we would love to hear from you. We are especially looking for companies who are exploring innovative models of participatory practice between artists, children and young people. Please contact mail [at]